Assalamu’alaikum wr.wb.

Firstly, let’s thank to Allah who has given us mercy and blessing so that we can gather in this blessed place insya Allah.

Then shalawat and salam, ……

Thank you for the opportunity committees and judges give to me and I would like to deliver speech untitled “good education; good defense”

Let’s see what is in now. Foreign culture dominates in every aspect. It tells youth how to do fashion, how to think, how to have worldview, and other how’s. one of causes of the entrance of foreign culture to Indonesia is because of globalization crisis that poisons Indonesia. The cause runs fast and affects all life element. It exactly results wide impacts society culture system. It can cause culture shock namely a condition that society can not retain various culture impact coming from outside so that it happens an unbalance in society life.


Reciprocally, all civilizations will influence each other. Social norm is on all civilizations. Great civilization in a term has wide influence to the other later civilizations.

Technology facilitates foreign culture to take a damage to local culture. Lack of knowledge becomes trigger to create new variety of culture. Society doesn’t filter what culture comes in. the impact is that the original culture of Indonesia gets a high degradation.  In addition, information circulation nowadays easily comes in and goes out. As long as there is a network connection, youth can consume foreign information anywhere and anytime. In their age, it’s very easy to imitate what’s in the information they consume every day.


Of course, it also affects nationalism of young generation. Youth knows foreign actors more than Indonesian heroes. They know fashion style that doesn’t match to nation identity more than traditional clothes. They get being prouder to speak foreign language than Bahasa. Studying in their own country is not cool; ‘go studying abroad’ becomes everyone’s dream. I don’t know how they can be proud of their own country identity.

And again, foreign culture teaches them to live cool in modern context without caring the politeness. They color their hair with various color. That’s not appropriate to Indonesia culture that teach politeness. They prefer to be foreign in their own country by hiding their own identity.

Actually, the entrance of foreign culture is fair as long as the culture itself is appropriate to our nation identity, but we have to keep our culture not to be washy.

We must plant them a strong love to our country like preferring a local product more than the import one, taking them to do values of Pancasila, and direct them to be more selective towards ideology and worldview that come in. and I think……. it is effective through education.

That’s all from me,,,, thank you,,,


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