Assalamualaikum wr. wb.

First, let us convey praise and gratitude for the presence of Allah SWT who gives us rahmat and nikmat that we can gather in this blessed place. Blessing and greeting we devote to our messenger Muhammad SAW, hopefully with this event, may we become useful ummah for region and religion. Amin ya rabbal alamin.

Secondly, I’d like to thank all committees for holding this great event and all participants for being pleasure to listen to my speech today.

In this beautiful opportunity, I’d like to deliver speech untitled “How Nationalism of Indonesian Youth is”

It’s been 73 years Indonesia gets freedom, we, the youth, are demanded to preserve nationalism and patriotism in order that integrity of nation stays strong. It can’t be denied that Indonesia is our own creation, Indonesia is a country with variety of tribe, race, religion and culture. Todays we do not call anymore; ‘java nation’, ‘sunda nation’, and ‘madura nation’. All has been united into one unity, but till today, is it strong enough; our sense of nationalism in our soul? Is it still planted; the nationalism owned by heroes before us?

Todays, nationalism has faded away. Just remember! Nationalism in context of Indonesia history is as a resistance for colonialism and imperialism. Nationalism was born within society of Indonesia for the existence of equality of fate and equality of being colonized. However, today’s colonizing practice is not easy to see anymore. Present colonization is not forced labor, torture, seizure as well as battle, but it more extremely attacks our mind, our thought, our worldview.

It’s easier for them to do through technology. They can easily get access to us without coming to our country, without transportation expenses. They can do anywhere and anytime.

Todays’ youth are mostly tied with their smartphones. Their daily life is dependent with their gadget. Exactly, every day, they consume any information, any lifestyle from aboard that may break their nationalism.

The result is …. They are prouder of acting as foreigner in their own country, imitating others’ culture, and being trending in social media with useless thing than getting study achievement. Studying abroad is cool on their mind.

Furthermore, Indonesia does depend on others’ much less in economy and technology. The problem in this country such as unemployment, poverty, criminals, terrorism, corruption, and all the rest are still spreading, not solved yet. And Asian Economy Society or MEA treatment may affect to decrement of sense of belonging to own country.

In this poor condition, we as sovereign nation have individual awareness to make a change and a movement that are able to give spirit of persistent as future mover of nation for the sake of improvement.

In this context, as long as we’re in moment of Independence Day of Indonesia, we need to refresh our stagnant spirit of nationalism to young generation as relay successor of young leader. We do hope Indonesia in the future will change and get better.

Young generation exactly has urgent role to growth and advance of nation. Either good or bad nation can be metered with the quality of the young generation, because this young generation would change old generation in the future.


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