In this essay, I would like to classify types of students of Informatic Engineering according to their interest. Exactly, they are not the same as each other. They have own way to build their passion as IT students. They actually adjust their college studies with their interest or talent. Here are two common types of IT students according to their interest.

The first is student that may have a visual learning style. They usually like to collect or develop some software. The studies they like must be what teaches them a design, graphic, web-programming, and many other computer languages. Students at this type usually spend their time in front of computer and sometimes forget their scheduled activities. They are also rather bad at their cleanliness in their worktable; it can make their room untidy, but they always have a beautiful view about something around and wear a suitable or matching cloth to what and where they belong.

The second is student that may have a kinesthetic learning style. They are usually curious with how a machine or a hardware works and how to build and develop it. They like to take studies that tell them about network, hardware, transmission, robot, electronic, and many other machines. They must put their devices or tools in order because they have to do their passion procedurally. If they misplug the moor, all they do will be failed. Therefore, they must live in order way.

t can be concluded that what passion they take may build their character. They can reach their dreams by their effort; not by their talent. The talent they have only helps them one percent to success. However, both of the types require discipline that can help them to avoid a deadline. Thus, we can predict which passion they belong by knowing what they look like.

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