Pidato Bahasa Inggris Singkat tentang Mengenal Budaya Madura Berjudul Millennials are assets of culture

All judges and my friends whom I love and I am proud of.  In this opportunity, I, delegation from Madrasah Tsanawiyah Darul Ulum Banyuanyar, will deliver you a speech entitled “Millennials are assets of culture”.
Let me tell you what culture is. Culture is a way of life conserved and owned together by a group of society and inherited from generation to generation. Culture is formed with many complicated elements. They are religion, politics, tradition, languages, clothes, and many more.
Madura is a great tribe and Madura is a great island which is rich with unique cultures. From Bangkalan to Sumenep, from the north beach to the south beach, it is united with one own language; madura language. It is a bit hard to break our culture, because we have our own area, our island and also, we have our own language which is not spoken well by foreigners.
This is our identity! This must always go on! We must keep it on. Who else can do it? It’s “WE” certainly!
Because we are the assets of Madura!
All audiences as good societies and my friends as young learners, don’t call down our ancestors. We make them proud of us. It is forbidden for us to lose from external attack. We must have a strong shield to keep cultures. That is by knowing it. So that it will strengthen our love to our most beloved tribe
Youth!!! Millennials!!! Young Blood of Madura!!! It is not enough to know our culture by ourselves. We have to introduce it to the world.
How do we do it? Of course, we must know it well first and introduce it with our own creative way. we can make it through our creation we create, our writing we write, and our song we sing.
Then World will know who we are!
But before, we have to be good at the cultures well. Just be good societies, be good student, and be pride of our teachers and our parent. Thank you!

Badrus Back-end Developer, Designer, Teacher

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