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Saying gratitude (berterimakasih dalam bahasa inggris)

      Common ways of thanking people
Thanks / thank you      : Terima kasih
Thank you very much : Terima kasih banyak
Thank you so much     : Terima kasih banyak
Thanks a million          : Terima kasih banyak
Many thanks               : Terima kasih banyak
Thanks a lot                 : Terima kasih banyak
Thank you for ……..  : Terima kasih atas ………..
Thanks for …………  : Terima kasih atas ………..
I’m very grateful         : Saya sangat berterima kasih
Thank you very much indeed : Terima kasih sebanyak-banyaknya

·         Replies of thanks
You are welcome        : Terimakasih kembali
Not at all                     : Gak apa-apa
Don’t mention it!        : Sama-sama
That’s all right             : Sama-sama
That’s OK                   : Sama-sama

When life is sweat, say thanks ‘n celebrate!
When life is bitter, say thanks ‘n grow!

Danil   : Good evening, Iza!
Iza       : Good evening, Danil
Danil   : You look confused tonight!! How come??
Iza       : Tomorrow is examination, I haven’t paid school fee yet.
Danil   : How much money do you need?
Iza       : it’s only ten thousand rupiah, can you lend me money?
Danil   : of course, fortunately, there is fifty thousand in my wallet.
Iza       : just lend me Rp. 10.000, will you?
Danil   : Here you are!
Iza       : Thank you for your help, I’m very grateful
Danil   : Don’t mention it!


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