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Imperative (kata perintah)

A. Forms
Positive Imperative     : V1 + O
Negative Imperative   : Don’t + V1 / Don’t be + adjective

B. Emphatic Imperative (penegasan)
- Usage : untuk menegaskan perintah atau menunjukkan kesungguhan.
      Do + positive Imperative
e.g. Do forgive me!
       Sungguh maafkanlah saya!

C. Passive Imperative
- Usage : untuk menegaskan perintah atau menunjukkan kesungguhan.
     Get + Past Participle (V3)
e.g. Get washed!!
       Sungguh maafkanlah saya!

D. Always and never with Imperative
- Menyisipkan kata ‘always’ atau ‘never’ dengan Imperative.
      Always/Never + Positive Imperative
e.g. Never forget what your teacher told!
       Jangan pernah lupakan apa yang gurumu katakan!

Imperative with subjects
- Menggunakan kalimat perintah dengan subject
      Subject + Positive Imperative
e.g. Nobody move!!
       Jangan (ada yang) bergerak!

      Imperative + comma + Subject
e.g. Stay home, Every body
       Tinggal di Rumah, semuanya!

      Don’t + Subject + V1!
e.g. Don’t anybody say a word!
       Jangan ada yang berbicara!


Fahry   : Good evening, Anam
Anam  : Evening, how was your lesson this morning.
Fahry   : It’s the worst experience I’ve ever got!
Anam  : could you tell me what?
Fahry   : What a shamed! They mocked me for the wrong unifom.
Anam  : was there your teacher then?
Fahry   : yup, but he did too.
Anam  : don’t he do it to you anymore! I’m sorry to hear that
Fahry   : I hope so
Anam  : he should beg your apologies, boy.
Fahry   : mm, good night nam, my mom is calling
Anam  : good night!


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