Contoh compare and contrast paragraph beserta penjelasannya

Living at Boarding House vs. Living at Dormitory

            Living at Boarding House is different from living at Dormitory. If you live at Boarding House, you will act as the owner of the house because you are free to manage yourself without any supervision from people, it means you should cook your breakfast, washing your garment and filling bath-tub water by yourself. Here, you are the only one to serve and to be served, so there is no one to take an responsiblity for your living, but if you have a problem with the facility, you can contact the owner of the boarding house, to whom you pay the monthly-fee, to consult the problem. However, if  you live at Dornitory, you will be instructed to obey the regulation given by the management handling, because Dormitory has its own way in educating the inhabitants. It is different form boarding house, it is fully under control with education management system owned by the dormitory. You can also have more friends to share a story, to learn in group, and to have fun together. Dormitory also helps you to study focusly,  you do not need to cook because it is already provided by staff of the dormitory, so nothing distrubs you to study. Although both boarding house and dormitory equally provide you a place to live, but living at dormitory gives you more benifits than living at boarding house.

Explanation :
Line 1 (Living at ..................... ) : Topic sentence comparing / contrasting two topics
Line 1 (if you .......................... ) : Points of comparison /contrast about Topic A
Line 7 (However, .................... ) : Points of comparison / contrast about Topic B
Line 13 (Although .................. )  : Concluding sentence
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